December Forms & Reminders!

Winter Wonderland Reminders

Movie Permission Slip

Upcoming dates!!!

*Book character presentation packet is due on Wednesday Oct. 25*

*Field Trip is on Thursday Oct. 26*

*Book character day is on Friday Oct. 27*

Reminder: Late and Missing Homework Policy

Late/Missing Homework:

In order for your child to receive full credit on homework assignments, they need to be turned in the following day.

• 1st day late: -10 % off

• 2nd day late: -20 % off

• 3rd day late: -30 % off

• 4th day late: Grade will be recorded as a zero

Please refer to my page labeled, “grading” for a breakdown of grades.  I strongly suggest setting up a TxConnect account to keep up with your child’s graded, missing, and late assignments!

To set up an account, please visit this link.

Setting up alerts